Whole Healthy Living

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Whole Healthy Living specializes in women’s health and wellness and is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to transforming your health. I believe that the body is self-healing and I want to support you in discovering how to heal your body with nutritional foods.

I am not talking about the typical, temporary quick-fix approaches, but rather long term sustainable solutions you can maintain for the rest of your life with no side effects.

I specialize in health transformations will share with you the necessary tools and vision to support you in improving your health and wellness by eating the right foods for your body. Together we will create a personal wellness plan that is just right for you.

How To Transform Your Health

Have you tried everything you can think of to reach your health goals with little or no success? Do you need support in making the changes your healthcare professional has recommended? My health coaching programs, are designed to take women on a journey to realize their own personal health goals. My holistic approach supports you in transforming your health using the natural God ordained way, whole healthy foods, to supply your body with what it needs to work efficiently. My aim is not just weight loss, but achieving the "healthiest you" possible! Contact me today for a Free Discovery Consult to discuss your future success.

Comprehensive Health Program

This 4 month program consists of 8-50 minute sessions designed to teach you the basic aspects of healthy eating and what healthy eating actually looks like on your plate. As your Certified Health Coach, I will provide you the support you need to make these the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle, teaching you how to begin your journey to transform your life and become the healthiest you possible.

Continued Support Health Program

This 4 month personalized program consist of 8-50 minute session designed to offer you the continued support and accountability you need to reach your health goals. As your Certified Health Coach, I focus on those specific health obstacles preventing you from successfully accomplishing your goals. You can renew this program as often as needed.

Corrective Health Session

This personalized 50 minute session is designed for those who have gained knowledge of healthy eating through  the completion of the Comprehensive Health Program but now need coaching support to continue their progress, help getting past “the wall” of no progress or have new health issues they need to overcome.  You my book this session as often as needed.

Meal Plans

Complete the Meal Planning Assessment and in 2 days a customized meal plan will be emailed to you. Book as often as you like and get updated plans by completing the Meal Planning Assessment Update. Meal plan includes a 15 min coaching/instruction session.